Using a short movie in Cannes to start your career


How to screen a short movie in Cannes

Although there are a number of events for short movies in Cannes, every year someoe decides they want to organise their own screening. Before talking about how you might do this, consider why. There is practically no real market for short movies as a separate product. So the monetary returns are negligible at best. If you want to go through the expense and work of organizing a screening, be sure you know what the benefits will be. The only one I am comfortable with is the goal of getting people interested in you and your next project. So make sure you have a great next project up your sleeve.

Concerning screening, first of all, not many people know that you can organize screenings at the Palais itself by renting a small theater from as little as EUR375 for about 20 seats. There are advantages to doing it there as people know it and it’s a hands-off operation. You won’t be fiddling with cables or DVDs yourself, leaving you more time to interact with the spectators (and grabbing their business cards).

Depending on the scale of your project, you could also try booking one of the actual cinemas in Cannes. Advantage: people know where to find them. Disadvantage: the cinemas probably don’t have many available time slots and will charge you considerably.

Small screenings at Cannes

One idea is to organise a number of smaller screenings instead of one big one, so people can choose when to check the movie. The hotels have meeting and reception rooms. But don’t expect a bargain price from them. If you know any companies going to Cannes, ask if they would be willing to host your screenings or rent their facilities. I have on occasion “borrowed” time in the national pavilions. The ones in the Pantiero section tend to be less busy and might be open to someone bringing in people at off-peak times.

Promoting your short movie

It’s very – repeat: very – important to publicize your screenings. You are up against a lot of competition. Everyone in Cannes is overloaded with proposals and invitations. The right people have to get your invitations and a publicist is the best way to do that as they have direct contacts. Ideally, you should connect with other filmmakers and ask who they would recommend for your sort of movie. Expect to pay several thousand euros. Going it alone is very, very difficult. But only you can determine if it is worth it, or if you can bring 15-30 people to come watch it yourself.

Whichever way you decide to go, stay positive and think long-term. Good luck!

Major TV series festival to kick off in Cannes

Major TV series festival to kick off in CannesKnow anybody working in TV series? Cannes has opened submissions for its first TV series festival to be held in Aptil 2018.

The project called CanneSeries is being organized by an independent association chaired by France’s former culture minister Fleur Pellerin. It will promote excellence in the genre. The goal is to bring together the best of the players in the world of TV series, discover the talents of tomorrow, and to create an international competition for series of all genres and lengths – something which has been sorely missing so far.

The event will alo shave an awards ceremony. So we can expect the usual red carpet glamour. Thuis is Cannes, after all.

Cannes Lions 2018: shorter, cheaper and we hope better

Cannes Lions 2018: shorter, cheaper and we hope betterCannes Lions, the annual festival of creativity held in Cannes each year, has announced some major changes. To counter criticisms that it is expensive and losing focus, it has decided to reduce the entrance and re-shuffle the categories, hoping to ensure its continued relevance in the years to come. Thre are also plans to extend the reach of the event both online and in the town of Cannes itself during the festival. Special packages have also been negotiated with the hotels, restaurants and taxis as particiapts – rightly – complained of price gouging during the show.

Attended by some 16,000 participants, it is facing big challenges as advertising companies themselves face challening competitive environment.

The 2018 edition, already the 46th, will be held June 22-28, 2018.

Adele: TV premiere of “Hello” this Saturday

British star Adele, who hit the million-sale mark almost immedately when she recently released the single “Hello”, will premiere the track on French TV this Saturday. The annual French award show NRJ Music Awards features major artists every year. Ed Sheeran, Cats on Trees, David Guetta, Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith amongst the nominees this year. The hsw is held in the same venue as the Cannes Film Festival.


It is possible to catch the show on TF1 via satellite – or simply wait a few hours unti teh videos start appearing on YouTube and elsewhere!